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The science of physics curriculum in high school students ' academic learning

Preview Preview is the first step. Some students do not pay attention to the lectures this link before, and will say that I never had the habit in junior high school. Here, we need to note that physics is different from junior high school, either from the curriculum requirements of the degree, class size, you need to learn before class for us to prepare.
  Before each class, out of time (no time limit, and is 20 minutes long, and short classes 5, 6 minutes before, it is important. ) Will advance knowledge take a look at, one can help us to be familiar with the class to learn knowledge, prepare the class knowledge and prepared fast improving language ability to recite the second gives us a clear class focuses on, find your difficulty in understanding, so as to be targeted to go to class, some students are listening very hard, this is why. In addition, there is a more important point is that preview to cultivate our own capacities and independent thinking (after you know to go to college or to work, which is extremely important).
  We should develop the good habit of previewing.
  Class is the class of our Learning Center. For this I'm going to highlight three issues:
  (1) active listening.
  Our classes are divided into three types: active, conscious and coercion. Active type is can according to teacher lectures of program active consciously to thinking, in understanding based knowledge of based Shang, on difficulties and focus for push rational of thinking and accept; consciously type is is can on teacher lectures of program for thinking, can basic accept explained of content and based knowledge, on difficulties and focus General cannot for consciously reasoning thinking, to in teacher of guide Xia to completed this a process; and forced type is is refers to in class learning in the, thinking slow, reasoning stranded, Must be inspired by the teacher's continued guidance to complete tasks.
  So, what type do you belong to? I say, if you belong to the force, then you should try to change yourself, from being forced to consciously type; if you are conscious, then you have to strengthen active consciousness, efforts to become active, after all, "we are the masters of learning"! In short, we should adopt an active attitude to listening, positive thinking, trying to participate in the teacher's classroom teaching.
  (2) notes on classroom essentials.
  To listen lesson, we should be good at grasping points in class, which mainly refers to the important and difficult aspects. In class, we should consciously pay attention to the teacher focuses on content. Teacher lectures always focus on the focus, to important places, or slow down, emphasis, or Compendium of Blackboard, acting out; or truthfully, explain it in detail, we should develop their own good to catch them. Difficulty may vary, this needs to be aware of when we preview, will attend, listen carefully. All in all, we should strive to "listen" and "road".
  (3) dealing with classes and relationships always confused some students to take notes, saying that "attention in class lectures, you forgot to take notes and forgot to note, they can't keep up with the teacher's thinking." In this regard, the physical learning have a good method we should understand clearly listened and took notes: class is the main aspect of notes is a secondary learning, how we should take notes? In my opinion, we should not "take notes" become a teacher "classroom quotations", it should not be "Note" to "writing copy." Note, we must bear in mind the content should have: the classroom focus and class difficulty, class doubts, remember to add conclusions or examples textbooks not on the content, such as class "inspiration", and so on. In short, we should have summaries, focused mind.
  Some students have never been used to take notes, this is not good, especially for physics study in high school is not enough. The old saying "good memories than bad writing" limited class time, the teachers talk about fleeting, extends our knowledge of memory over time will gradually forgotten, and no notes we will have no way to review.
  Review some students after class, always anxious to finish the job, with the result that while doing their homework, while textbooks, notes. And here I want to stress that we do not do our homework first, but should settle down to study carefully the contents of the class the same day consideration, review, on this basis, to complete the job will have a multiplier ef
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