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Effective method of improving language learning and achievement of high school students

To cultivate an interest, independent learning. The ancients said: "who knows better, better than music. "Had the interest to eliminate interference, overcome difficulties, heart, continues to increase. In addition, a characteristic of Chinese study: classes and cannot really raise the level alone. Key also on students ' autonomous learning, scientific and effective memory techniques and seek understanding, a broad range of active practice, in order to achieve "reading, composition," the State.
Read, read the recitation. In high school, to carry out extensive and in-depth reading, covering ancient and modern, natural and social. Human mind and intelligence are eclectic. For some classic, intensive reading, read or recite. Very worthy of study methods of the ancients. Qing Tang Biao, said: "read well, you and I, don't know the person's article, my article also. Composition, I intended to say, all I want, such as Stephen Chung, surging inexhaustible. "Their experience.
Diligent practice, practice makes perfect. Often can not only improve the ability of writing and clear thinking, brewing and distillation of emotion. In high school, you should practice writing twice a week at least: notes on an article, record daily experiences and emotions; reading a review, while reading while finishing harvest even more. Increasing share of exam subjective test questions, candidates ' writing levels plays an important role in the exam.
Thinking, feeling. Scientific method of study Confucius said: "learning without thought is labour lost, thinking without learning is perilous. "Language learning should develop good thinking habits, not blindly accept something without thinking, keep learning initiative. Think should be thorough and meticulous, to ask, to the bottom of it. In everyday life and learning, the Association and the wings of imagination, let your inspiration fly free. Referred to in the dream of a couplet: "fertilization holes are learning, human understanding is the article. "Means understanding things of the world, and is not limited to books.
From the implementation of the learning process:-quantification of the accumulation.
Scientific allocation of study time, the efficient use of time. Confucius said: "the time passes quickly husband, not ceasing day or night. "Talk time goes by fast, he let students know how to cherish the time. We learn at school, in class time, it should be made clear what to do, how to do it; clearly what to do outside class time, how to do it; clearly the reasonable allocation of time on learning; clearly every day the effective use of time.
To design an effective learning time tables, enhance the quality of lectures and important ways to regulate your learning activities. Special stage, should study weeks, months to schedule study time. Efficient use of time, is one of the magic weapon to achieve excellent results. Please use the magic wand to create outstanding results.
Quantify the learning process to ensure enough construction excellence. For example: all around us, some students get high scores often take the test, we cannot deny that their accomplishments are top-notch. "High score" is "enough", there is no real "sufficient quantities", who won't admit that they score top-notch, excellent results. Marxist philosophy tells us: accumulated will bring a qualitative change. In the learning process must pay attention to "enough to build superior."
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