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Two way to improve students ' English

English is a language, not remembering the words, phrases, sentences and grammar project is to learn it well, the key lies in the use of language, it must pay attention to the learning of middle school students in learning English law, speaking, reading, writing and translating overall development. English learning is first and foremost a memory process, followed by practice. Learning English, in any case, hard work is essential, it is a cumulative process, there is no shortcut to take, there are no "crash" a miraculous recipe, dieting does not work do, is learn English well. Any success we have to rely on their own efforts, to work, diligent, conscientious, one step at a time to learn, good attitude, setbacks and failures in learning seriously.
Learn English vocabulary memory is essential, Word is the Foundation of learning English, without words, there is no sentence, let alone articles, so remember the words for us is extremely important. Memory key words are:
Perseverance: memorizing some vocabulary words every day, to look back to review it again in a few days, cycles of repetition, frequent use, will change the short-term memory into long-term memory and have a firm grasp. To note is that once you start, stick down, never give up, never santiandayu, two days.
Good memory: many ways to memorize, no fixed method, but there are good laws. Zhang Sizhong's "focus on recognition of English words, classification of memory" can be a great way for middle school students. Centralizing middle school students should master the 3,500 words, categories, first words off, then learning materials used in the textbooks and the consolidation of their usage. Classification there are a number of ways, the same vowel or vowel combination words that sound the same as a; according to the form of speech, synonyms, antonyms, collective memories; the same root, prefix, suffix, synthesis, transformation, derivation of word formation, such as the same words or phrases together the basic language learning method compare impressed with focus on memorizing, memory effect is more obvious. Remember 40-80 words per day, perseverance, Association, thinking more, more, words don't solve the problem, please? Look at word usage in the learning process and phrase matching, word usage and sentence structure of the teacher said in mind, which not only helps us to solve problems, and it could call on in writing, are used.
Remember the word, understanding of parts of speech, word meaning, its idioms and idiom, tenses, clauses, the usage of the back, work is only half done, we have to apply them in practice. Just like learning to swim, optics, not into, not equivalent to master this technology. Unnecessary tihaizhanshu, typical of a certain amount of practice to consolidate what they have learned is essential. Attach importance to practice, such as exercise after class, unit Synchro practice classroom knowledge of these against the USDA scientific and effective memory techniques of solid practice, not overly ambitious, and only wanted to eat a fat man. After basic knowledge, it lost some specific grammar exercises and practice exam topics. Special promotion of students get a "wrong title set" representative test usually done wrong or language point record for future reference deficiencies, so that knowledge can achieve a multiplier effect.
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