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Middle school students ' Chinese mainly accumulated in class and extracurricular accumulation method

Focused mainly on the spoken and written language learning four abilities of students. These four skills form complement each other and promote each other I want to accumulate and use both something about learning languages.
A: accumulation.
Accumulation is mainly class accumulation and study physics class to have a good method to accumulate both.
(A) accumulated.
Class within accumulated is refers to how learning text and from get language knowledge. language textbooks is a is good of material library, it above of text more is selected since at all times and Masters works, is classic also is novel, has must of height, is worth we students learning. learning language textbooks is we now learning language of main way. we to put text learning good, as only will point, with textbooks text of "points" to led life language of "surface".
Studying the text of several steps:
1. preview the text.
This aspect is particularly important, it affects the quality of lectures is good or bad.
(1) read-read the text to read the text aloud can be divided into fast silent reading ... ... To do it for a long time can form a good sense, help improve the writing and reading skills. by reading the text you can have a good understanding for the text. classes can be targeted to. this study will have a multiplier effect.
(2) outline a method to read the text.
Is the problem with reading the text. Main ways to learn each subject from the original text to find answers or draw does not understand the place, and then took the issue to the lectures.
(3) accumulated words.
Cleaning Word form using reference books before class barriers.
2. ensuring the efficiency of classroom lectures of 45 minutes ...
45-minute lecture in the classroom must ensure good efficiency. to concentrate on listening to the teacher in every issue. key Prep wouldn't place.
3. timely consolidated after class, order wrong.
Workbook select less, to do the full, not to be swallowed.
Topics organized into doing wrong wrong, and timely to take a look.
4. exam.
Language exam not concentrated, decentralized review would be better. a review for good a week. review do not back the answer is well, focus on answering points, focus on skills.
(B) extracurricular accumulation.
Test scores rarely of Chinese in senior high school entrance examination, accumulating in the class at the same time, extracurricular accumulated more to.
Make the most of limited resources around as well accumulated, as excellent composition textbook publication classic books   Internet   TV   broadcast ... ... Ways to learn English as long as beneficial to our learning can be accumulated to accumulate on the teachers to guide the use of accumulated information at regular intervals. material should be broad and novel, the strong sense, an effort to make "everything concerned with family affairs as is happening in the world", which could enrich our children's minds. laying the Foundation for reading and writing.
B: the use of.
Most difficult. flexibility in the use of it is the accumulation of language, application. This is the ultimate aim of language learning. want to see articles, writing articles must have the ability of reading and writing skills.
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