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The effective learning of middle school students ' mathematical methods

Babanski teaching theory of the Soviet experts pointed out: "teaching method is by learning and teaching methods, the use of coordinated effect. "From the reform and development trend of international education, teaching students how to study, teach students ' active development is the common goal of all countries in the world. In human into information times of new century, people will faced knowledge constantly update, learning became throughout people of life of things, while not only to concern students quality development of full perfect and personality of health harmony development, on the also to concern to students of learning and development, more important of is to let students willing to learning, learned learning, master learning of method, and skills, can active active of learning.
Common methods of mathematics learning requirements respecting the body position of students in China, to really look at student ownership of the learning; pay attention to students ' learning processes, master scientific methods to encourage students to actively participate in, make students independent, cooperative, exploring actively in learning activities to cultivate students ' innovative spirit and practical ability. Especially for first-year junior high school, lay a good foundation for students studying mathematics, mathematics learning method seems more contemporary and forward-looking. Method is a non-intellectual factors in mathematics learning, learning methods, study habits, learning pluralistic composition of unity, therefore, should be carried out in a systematic overall view the guidance of learning method, aims to enable students to enhance learning accomplishment and stimulate learning motivation and guiding students to master scientific methods; the good habit of guiding students to study mathematics, and thus improve their learning ability and effect.
(1) the importance of correct understanding of mathematics learning method. Inspire students to recognize the scientific approach to learning is an important factor to improve academic performance, and this thought throughout the teaching process. You can tell the story of maths celebrities, motivate students, I combined the model lesson content in class about the Cartesian axis found in beds, eventually creating a story of the number line represents a rational number. Let children know the mathematical knowledge, methods of learning mathematics is the key. In the class, I held a number of seminars in maths, makes excellent grades the student experience, Blackboard column opened up discussion of learning method.
(2) non-intelligence factors of non-intelligence factors in forming good is the basis for guidance of learning methods to be carried out. Junior high school students ' curiosity and strong, but not a long lasting, if has a positive non-intellectual factors in teaching, you can make the students ' interest in learning focused.
Stimulate learning motivation, namely students subject the internal psychological mechanisms, mobilize the enthusiasm of all mental activity. In learning, for example the primary understanding of probability, a lesson, teaching is introduced, an important way to improve listening quality I like playing poker according to their hobby, and their poker game, sparking students ' interest, so that students have a strong thirst for knowledge. Teachers can also use vivid, close to students, witty language to infect students.
Exercise study math will. Psychologists say: will in overcoming difficulties, in frustration, overcome the difficulties in the development, difficult is to develop students ' willpower "grindstone". I think it should be practice-oriented, in the first exercise, be sure to arrange appropriate difficulty of exercises for students and let them put in some effort and independent thinking to solve the problem, but difficulty must be appropriate, because if too difficult to dampen their confidence, too easy and unable to exercise the students will.
Form the good habit of learning mathematics. Some children used "boring" topics, blindly assume that the problem is the way to learn math, bad study habits, in the usual teaching, teachers must pay attention to correct.
Guiding the students to master the science of mathematics learning method.
Proper penetration. Mining in teaching of pedagogy in teaching materials, into learning guidance in the teaching process. For example when I was in the teaching of perfect square formula, many children are always missing factor of 2 multiplied by the sum of the first two, so I'll give them a rhyme, "square, square tail, tail set 2", select the vivid, fun memory to guide students to learn, to break through the difficulties of knowledge.
Random inspiration. Taught either in stages or in the practice session, the teacher should have a strong sense of learning guidance, seize the best opportunity, finishing touch place learning.
③ sum. In imparting knowledge and training skills, teachers according to the teaching practice, guiding students to summarize the knowledge in a timely manner. After I complete a unit of study allow children to develop habits of his summary, the unit focused on systematic and find a regular thing. ④ migration training. Rapidly improving language ability to recite to summarize all the contents, method of rational reflection, reinforcement and application migration, Mastery Learning in training.
Offering a course in mathematics learning guidance and teaching plan in mathematics. I teach first grade, and I every two weeks on a class to students of mathematics learning tutorials. Combining positive and negative example, combined with the characteristics of specific knowledge and learning about mathematics, students ' thoughts about, talking and model training.
Learning abilities, including observation, memory, thinking, imagination, concentration, and ability to learn, communicate, express. Process of learning process is a need for further inquiry. In this process, teachers ' textbooks, pay attention to dredge the channel of information, guiding students to think actively, enable students to find the problem or hypothesis, test solutions, thus forming the habit of courage to delve into, keep exploring, set up students from knowledge to ability, the ability and the knowledge integration bridge.
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