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Effective methods of cultivating middle school students ' reading ability

Focuses on the teaching of Chinese reading "student-centered" is to enable students to read independently, independent thinking, independent understanding and appreciation of independent articles, using the language and put emotions. Knowledge of languages is adopted by students of "independence, cooperation, discussion, discussion on" ways of learning acquired, promoting students ' experiences and understanding of the process of teaching and helping students set up "living languages" concept, integration into social life to language learning. A more important point is, students interpret the text answers are not the only students to creatively interpret, stressed the training and improvement of students ' thinking abilities.
  Knowledge is the basis for forming ability, teachers should make students are fully aware of the subject of Chinese in our daily lives and the importance of study.
  Teachers recognized ability than knowledge is more important. Physical learning have a good method because it is only when knowledge is flexibly applied in real life, and truly solve life's problems can be to learn a language. TV "most people I do not tell him", "sweet and sour are my", "clothes make the man, and beauty by Zhuang", "I only have eyes for you" ... ... Apart from familiar ad also relish on it, into our life is also a means to communication. "Not finished junior high school, unable to get a job," "don't work hard today, tomorrow efforts to find a job" ... ... Banners are not just philosophical and thought-provoking. When there is knowledge, it cannot play its role in the practical, that is equivalent to being white. If the teacher has taught students in the classroom and antithesis of rhetoric, training students to write couplets of skills, will be able to show their talents in the new year, new year to avoid every household to the market to buy the kind of cookie-cutter machine printed couplets. Of course, economic, cost-effective, standardized, attractive, we cannot help but say it saves much on his mind. But upside down, if this trend continues, our national traditions creating couplet may be about to lose rights.
  Teachers in order to design the teaching process, explains plenty of practice, knowledge and ability to penetrate, resulting in students ' own capacities. Specific approach is:
  Before class knowledge, careful combing of the present course language knowledge, knowledge systems make it a system.
  Only the basic "dead" knowledge in mind, you can be flexible in using this knowledge for your study and life services. Think about it: If you can't even Hanyu Pinyin spelling, learning to read is the main method of the various disciplines of 3,500 Chinese characters? If you can't even read IPA no, and how to learn English? So, whenever Professor a article text, I on will put this article text of words new Word of sound, and shaped, and meaning through explained, and activities, way let students firm of master, put text of literature common sense, and style common sense first taught students, let students through this article articles of learning, master this style of reading skills, again through class within since read text consolidation, and extracurricular reading for expand, formed students of language reading capacity.
  In explains (explains, and just less told or not told, in here refers to multiple meaning: less told, a unit explains a article cases paper) more practice (here of "practice" to combined this class learning of language knowledge for training, to extracurricular contents or textbooks in the explains zhiwai of contents for expand, to reached capacity of formed and improve of purpose) of principles, in students master related language knowledge of based Shang strengthening on students of capacity expand training, real achieved "lift a and returned three".
  Teacher presentation, discussion, talking law, practice law, instruction, reading notes teaching methods to choose from, slides, video recordings, especially the use of computer-aided instruction to according to the text and students need to adjust in order to achieve the goal of explaining, leave more time for students to experience and insights. Because, the subtleties of each article, such as the delicate feelings, deep philosophy and strict logic, such as vivid, vivid language, which are needed for students to read, to meditate, to taste, to deep left in the student's mind, learning methods of English oral thought, and impact on student life. Therefore, make full use of transformative learning, respecting the subject of student learning, improve students ' experiences and understanding of capabilities. Germany famous philosopher Dilthey's thought, "experience is a way of life" experience is not an external, formal thing, it refers to an internal, unique, heartfelt, is for life, for life, for the sense of life and understanding, is the direct experience of life itself. Article "", "", "", all of the writer's own life experience to dig, it will always point to a certain value and meaning, filled with powerful vitality. Thus, the teaching of Chinese reading in middle school cannot be simply learning as a tool for students to acquire the knowledge base, and intellectual analysis to dismember them cut, and more appropriate for the student experience, feeling, causing the students thinking on life, life and existence value, making its progress and de
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