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Effective learning methods to improve students ' academic achievement policy

Effective learning methods for improving academic achievement of middle school students learning strategy Junior is mainly based on knowledge, learning and training of basic ability, though intelligence learning becomes more and more obvious, but still plays a very important role of non-intelligence factors, influence on high school students ' non-intelligence factors of learning habits, interests, motivation, emotion, will and so on.
  Systematic learning time is a constant need to arrange learning is hard work, but also has rules to follow.
  First is fun and learning relationships. Learning is the main task of junior high school students, mainly on the nature of time and energy should be spent on learning. However, learning is not life's all about junior middle school students, junior high school students are energetic and broad interests, appropriate and beneficial activities (including "play") scientific and effective memory techniques are an important part of their lives. Some parents pay more attention to their children's learning, leisure time for children, fully clothed, not allowing children to have time for entertainment and activities; some parents about their children's extracurricular activities free rein, which is not conducive to students ' learning progress and comprehensive development. To guide students to learn to work and rest, learn concentration, quiet down to; when to roam about and put off. Work and play are not contradictory and can complement each other.
  Second is to handle well the relationship between primary and secondary. Junior high knowledge density increased significantly increases the breadth of knowledge, learning, which students need to be able to deal with all kinds of knowledge between primary and secondary. Disciplines are different basic disciplines, tools, discipline is the study of the most important and directly affect the learning of other subjects, must learn to be solid. Subject content itself has primary and secondary, concept, principle and formation is the Lord, the flexibility in the use of knowledge is the main, their weakness is the main, in the process of learning should have spent more time and effort.
  Is once again handle the relationship between development interests and lay a good foundation. Interest is the direct cause of motivation, which subjects children interested in this discipline was often able to achieve better results. However, the junior high school student ideological and psychological maturity, interest is often not stable enough, some children are interested in understanding a little one-sided. Studies mainly in the following circumstances: a moment like this, for a while like that, master scientific study method of rolling stone, and didn't learn anything; simply interested in learning, you are not interested in awe, looking like a "lame". Changchun Physics tutoring, learning is the Foundation of the whole life of junior high school, the first thing to learn in each subject, junior high school closed, high school may be relatively smooth; even if it is generally considered to be "minor subjects" history, geography, biology, and other disciplines, are in fact essential to life in the future. Therefore, the interest must be to lay the groundwork for the premise.
  Learned lectures the lectures are also a lot of knowledge. Changchun chemist teaching lectures, classroom learning is essential for junior middle school students ' learning progress is the main link of learning, 45-minute classroom learning benefits of high and low, some kind of impact on students ' academic performance is good or bad.
  Maybe some parents and students think that everyone has a pair of ears, who lectures do not. In fact, classes also have a lot of knowledge. Learn to listen, for junior high school students ' learning progress is essential.
  First of all, to focus on listening. An important way to improve listening quality psychological research shows that attention can help us provide a wealth of information from the surrounding environment, select the most meaningful information on current activities and maintain the mental activity in the choice of objects, but also mental activities based on the current activities of the appropriate allocation and adjustment. Therefore, attention is especially important for learning. Focused, dedicated to learning; distracted, change their minds often get nothing.
  Secondly, to hear with a problem, running heads. Some students in class at start positive thinking mind, seemingly staring, but the class without leaving any traces. The saying goes: the suspect is the beginning of all things. Problem with class, can make lectures more clear goals and priorities, and enhance the relevance of class, so as to enhance the efficiency of classroom learning; problems with lectures, can also promote their active brain, follow the teacher's teaching rhythm, understand and Digest content in a timely manner.
  Once again, we must actively raise, earnestly taking notes. Teaching and learning should be two-way exchanges and mutual promotion. Students in class, should be actively involved in teaching. Actively raise is a kind of participation, which can better promote their brain is absorbed in his lectures, thinking, and practice the language sk
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