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Presented here can be mastered in the short term to quickly browse through the core, agile progress reports available for the effectiveness of measures. Master quick French victory over reading, reading is the most important, cultivating "brain eyes reflected" Browse established fixed procedures. Most easy is to conquer reading and browsing fixed procedures established.
, Silent browsing.
Silence is a quick overview of the basic requirements. Audio browsing is the eyes, brain, mouth, ears, four components combined with exercise, to deepen understanding and enhance memory, but browsing speed was restricted by the voice rate, rate is extremely slow. Silently applies only the eyes and the brain are two organs, the brain thought reaction to the ink. All sports within the brain cool, omit the change made by the mouth and ears listening process so much faster rate. This is the "eye-brain mapping", the eye's attention after the text, Visual signals input to the brain and the response. "Eye-brain mapping" process simple and fast. Silent reading speed reading rate of chopsticks than sound, can constitute "eye-brain mapping" is a quick overview of silence has been adopted. By silent browsing method on weekdays through two phases of practice necessary. End of first stage the necessary pressure volume, avoid browse aloud. The second phase with the tongue against the lips or mouth with sugar, can reach the peripheral part of the Analyzer controlled language only, and cannot control the central nervous system results.
Second, stop back.
Correct use of the eyes is very important, we must resolutely put an end to back. Encountered in the process of browsing does not understand Word or not easy to understand through the premises, but many readers too often go back and read 1 times facilities will not only lead to browse rate slows down, and the understanding of the article easy to emerging problems. Glance readers even for just one sentence or one paragraph is not clear, but also in complete full-text once, review does not understand the premises again.
Third, put an end to Word for Word comments.
Thought of modern structural linguistics, science and technology the moisture of the material, occasionally had reached 75%, compared with 25% of valid material for readers. Browse psychology study commentary, most people's browsing rate rate far lower than thought, the brain often in "idle" condition. To quickly browse experts think verbatim comments are a waste. Trained fast surfers can read one line at a time, multiple lines, and even page and master the core meaning of the article.
Four, concentrate.
Time studying at home, many people have sometimes been "eroded" feeling--a whole day without doing several things were lost by a little trivial loss. This is a typical concentration of cases. "Eye-brain mapping" principles tell us, browse the organs, eyes and brain, should not be in addition to the eye while browsing muscle and brain of serious campaigns of any outside activities. Browsing ability with our focus is directly proportional to the level. Browse readers often use finger, pencil on a page move or guide, there's often the swing being read by the head the eye sees his line, these pernicious influences the reader focused browsing slow browsing effect, is sure to get rid of.
Five, change browsing rate.
Quick look is not a uniform motion, asked readers in the process for the difference in browsing materials and the materials of different parts using different browsing speed. Browse practice we should distinguish between what is necessary reading materials, what materials can speed read, for the necessary reading materials to slow browsing speed, speed reading material as long as the hold the main thrust of the article is OK. Of course, speed reading is getting ready for an intensive reading and previewing.

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