Cancel key equal right of maintenance of primary and secondary education

Education in China? Most people still have a consensus on this issue, that is, our education is to be sick. If that's the case, the key question is "where".
Diversification requirements led to the development of education for a long time, on the development of education there are two voices, one is strongly supported and even advocated the development of education, both in higher education and general education. Another voice, on the other hand, voices raised above a deep critique, I was hold this view. The critical voices from several aspects: the first is challenged to expand education (in particular the expansion of higher education) and the relationship between social and economic development. If you want to discuss the relationship between education and social development, they think this relationship is fuzzy, not clearly see a very strong correlation between the two. If China's economic development as an example to discuss the matter, China's 30 years of economic development mainly depends on what? 30 mainly because of economic development in China, first three rows are not educational factors. First is after the reform and opening policy, freedom to operate, to economic development, management of all the free and large-scale development of private enterprise. The second factor is the large amounts of capital from entering. 3rd is cheap labor. The relationship between education and economic development are vague. If the contributor, compared to these three factors, should be secondary.
Education with a personal relationship is very clear. From two aspects, one is a clear income help, one is the ability to help.
Why mass developed? This is not only a Chinese thing, and things in the world, is worthy of discussion, this is because the general public's needs? People have many other needs, such as people with housing needs, demand for people to see a doctor, why these requirements are not met?
Educational development is complex, it should be said is more diversified demand. Say a bad word, education's development should indeed be a collusion, the collusion should be mixed with the population's needs, an institution needs, demand for executives. Education, colleges are happy, especially colleges and lead happier, scale, human rights and financial power expanded. Senior leaders can think this is his legacy.
This conspired to cause development in the short term is no doubt, but its consequences are a cause for concern. It will stimulate each family "arms race" is a greater investment in education, let the children work round the clock, even started working in the kindergarten, literacy, numeracy, learning English, like "arms race" is really just the sacrifice ability training, specialized subject to score. Such education "arms race" too intense, resulting in education is a problem all over the world, but particularly acute in China.
Next, the expansion of higher education. Reading a book in the past, education was already very high, and now a master, but Dr. We have a rare phenomenon in the world, has been employed large numbers of people read blogs, read the blog seems to be a very easy thing, incidentally can read the blog down, the Dr did not greatly insulted? I of some North colleagues in United States read Bo, they said in United States of University in has such of mantra, "read Bo is Xia hell", read Bo actually is martyrdom of, to read countless of book, and in we here is a very easily of thing, dry with Secretary, and Deputy Secretary of work, on can put Dr degree took down, you this moves is on you of work of blasphemy, you of work so simple, also can to read Bo? Desecration of a PhD, you doing so civil servants work, you can read the Dr? This is the double desecration.
Child policy leads to education, China education shunt variants the most serious, so there must be a reason many Chinese characteristics. First reason is the child policy. Parents only have one child, for example, they doted on their children, you work for him, let him not to spoil, it cannot solve the problem. Competition fierce, there was a large reason is that parents in the back as a driver. Education for a more ideal State is not to let more children involved in the competition for a long time, should do a triage early on, Germany's education is completed in 10 years this shunt, 10 years later, some grammar schools, read a large part of the people to receive tertiary education in grammar schools, others after receiving vocational education. In my class, sent a small questionnaire to my students, I said you are now on the North, when you are at the age of 10, in school what is ranking? The vast majority of children under 10 years of age, belongs to the first 5% in the class 10%. If an equal education, 10, when possible, we can see that potential, Germans are very detailed, might not have made such a serious mistake, so at 10 years of age cannot do divert them.
China education now no such of shunt, but past we has another a shunt completed have very beautiful, past we is more children family, in a family in the, I has several children, in several children of education in the on make has shunt, and parents see have very carefully, not see once exam, but years of observation, to junior high school graduated of when on shunt has, this is both has children are of potential and wishes. Of course home affordability problems. Now there is only one child, you can give a child to split it? Because our country is the child policy, so we don't have diverged, and not diverging approaches in the community, and then we all drove them off to the side. That is why the competition too fierce. Child policy implemented for so many years, the Chinese nation made a great contribution to the world, paid for by us, the single got too heavy. Child policy caused children great personality defects. Now a lot of children in serious character defects, dependence, there are worse things than this?
Some say policies have so much problems not good policy? Policymakers believe that benefits large, reducing the population, saving resources. Resources really save it? Us accounts, expenditures of two times is raising a child? I can say that two children are cheaper than raising a child. You have only a short time, say you do not bring children to 15 years or to even over the age of 18, he came to this world, less than seventy or eighty years old, he is going to leave, when he was 0-15 habits are caused by high consumption, after his independence, he was expensive. We are after, not to mention, he said earlier, a child has a lot of great grotesque consumer, raising two children may have no such absurd spending. Short-time, 1-15, raising two children costs much higher than for a child? We can all ponder. Not to mention a lot of families raising one child, was brought to this world a high consumption of the population. If many children and take them to the society is a member of thrift, their scissors don't vary piece, this difference should be huge. We always said in the past, the Chinese nation is a nation of hard work and the virtues of hard work no longer exists, the virtues of hard work was destroyed is not a reason, but I think child policy is one of the biggest reasons make us thousands of years to form the virtue of hard work gone, the loss is unmatched.
Child policy children's character defects caused so much and to get the bonus had not been, you're not saving resources, it is a waste of resources. So we should profoundly reflect on. First thing to note, I am not opposed to family planning, family planning can promote, and should not be forced abroad is that, the Government has said that we should have fewer, but do not insist, it is a way of family planning, in others there is also effective. There is also a way of family planning, assuming that demand, having two is family planning. When we first launched the family planning is like this, a family of two children. If only one, then, is that you keep good people, the rest of you don't have control.
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