Primary and middle school students do not make up 300,000 primary and secondary school teachers to pay holiday homework

Primary and middle school students are not extra lessons, teachers will do their "homework". Yesterday, Director of the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission said Zhou Xu, training, learning, social practice, and conduct home visits, will be the city's more than 300,000 primary and secondary school teachers will be given homework this holiday season.
Classroom training, "teaching is a challenging profession, and when a teacher cannot be the status quo, to stand still. "Zhou Xu said that every teacher needs to grow and improve, and vacation time to use, classroom training" charging ", improve their professional quality and service quality.
Zhou Xu said that starting from the fall semester last year, the City developed and published the "reducing the ten" policy, efforts to reduce burden on primary and middle school students. Burden does not blindly reduce learning content, must do guarantee high quality teaching standards, teacher quality is "reducing the quality" focus.
To this end, the city financial increased sharply this year municipal funds for teacher training, plan totalling 80 million Yuan for teacher training, and Guo Pei plan more than 20 million, funds for teacher training in the city is expected to reach 100 million.
Starting from the 13th winter vacation, the city has started for district level training cadre teacher training, high school curriculum, the new junior high school and primary school teachers ' pre-post training, rural teachers training, long training school kindergarten campus, tens of thousands of teachers into the classroom training to learn during the holiday.
Into the community to participate in practice during the winter holiday, City Board of education assigned teachers a "homework", that is to work with students, into the community carry out all kinds of social activities.
"Since the reform of the new curriculum, the teachers and students were no longer just the relationship between teaching and learning in the classroom, the teacher needs to lead students to participate in social practice, and grow together with the students. "Zhou Xu said that holiday for a long time, just take the students to carry out research study and research.
"A student from hechuan once told me, there's a bridge in his hometown, people walk up, bridges will issue a quack like a duck call. "The information technology teachers in Chongqing Li Qiying said she is prepared to take, to hechuan to investigate" duck bridge "of the truth.
Eight-week teacher to teach music in Chongqing said he, as a member of the school band, the students took to the streets of winter ready with several musical instruments, showing wonderful wind instruments at the same time, exercise and the courage of the students, also wind band of the cultural activities in public acceptance and popularity.
Door-to-door visits "home visits is the teacher's basic skills, do not leave this legacy. "Zhou Xu said, although the ways in which communication between schools, teachers and parents more and more, continues to encourage teachers in person visits.
Said Zhou Xu, teacher-student relationship with the father and son, mother and son, each teacher will strive to do, "Sheng", and genuinely care about and care for students. Teacher only came into the family, to really get to know him growing up and living environment, targeted to help solve problems encountered in the study life, Zhou Xu, now the school more students in a class, teachers can take a bunch of home visits for each student individually, but through other contacts close and effective communication with parents. For example, some teachers are "home school" platform to keep in touch with parents, can send a few text messages during the holidays to remind parents how to arrange the child's learning and life time; some teachers via blogs, QQ and other ways to communicate with parents, should also be more parent imparting modern education concept.
Zhou Xu requirements, the schools teacher to using winter time, take came visited, and home school Forum will, and parents report, and phone, and network or letters, form, understand students family status, and growth environment, and home performance, and learning habits and life habits,, to parents feedback students learning and the in school performance situation, guide parents change education concept, and science education children, explained students security education knowledge, sought parents views and recommends.
Holiday non-paid tutor "after the introduction of teacher performance pay, teachers ' income is not too low. Teachers should be teachers respect themselves, abide by the professional ethics of teachers don't get paid tutor, not to outside training school to a part-time job. "Zhou Xu, encouraging visits at the same time, we must resolutely ban paid tutor.
Yesterday, the Municipal Education Commission also reiterated that no school holiday lessons, teachers ' organizations is strictly prohibited in paid tutoring activities, primary and secondary school teachers don't get a part-time social institutions should take charge of, and participation in paid tutoring into the important content of moral evaluation evaluation, exercise a veto.
A letter to parents of primary and middle school students in the city dear parents:
Dragon kai's spirit, the Festival of spring. In the Spring Festival approaching, education of CPC Chongqing Committee and the City Board of education to parents and friends in the city would like to extend festive greetings and new year wishes!
Winter vacation, students join the colorful campus life, plunge into social practice and improve the quality of the opportunity. Hope that all parents and friends to join us, give full play to the positive role of the family and society, to help children have a happy, healthy and meaningful holiday.
The Spring Festival is a traditional Chinese Festival, hosts of Chinese culture and tradition rich ideological content. Hope that parents take to strengthen the national traditional culture education for children, in particular, to guide children to respect filial piety to parents, be grateful parents, society, enhance the child's sense of national identity and pride, and cherish the good times and happy life, from set up the lofty ideals, determined to become useful and serve the motherland.
Out of school, children will have more time to participate in social activities. Parents participate in social practice and actively create conditions for children at the holidays, children develop good holidays social plans, from myself, from the side, starting from the little things, and actively participate in community service and other public activities. Let them get close to nature and society, support and help children into rural, community, into the science and Technology Museum, a Museum, a library, a children's Palace, they enrich social practice to learn to learn, learn learn to work, live, and learn to create and cultivate and improve literacy. Encourage them to learn from comrade Lei feng and do more good deeds and enhance civic awareness and social responsibility.
Holiday kids self exercise, a good time to learn. Hope that parents help children arrange schedules and have a regular life, exercise an hour a day. Encourage children to participate in those housework, cultivating self-care ability. Encourage children to read good books during the holiday, read more, read good books, the accumulation of knowledge, rich experience and broaden their horizons, and strive to improve the ideological and cultural qualities. Do not promote the kids to subject tutorial classes on Chinese culture. Enhance the education of child safety education, law and order and enhance traffic safety and fire safety, helping them stay away from drugs, not caught up to the network and games. Dangerous places not to go, unsafe doing nothing against fireworks injuries have hurt, ensuring peace for the holidays.
The parents care for and bring up the next generation, it is our common responsibility. Let us join hands and make unremitting efforts to promote the healthy growth of children.
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