Teach homogenization serious teacher-oriented content into the main marketing channels

"Once there's a bookseller and a book for me to sell, claims to be able to give nearly half of the discount, let me introduce to kids, I refused. In fact, they claim that the book is a school or teacher preparation, but actually is a paste, called teachers and schools are only nominal. "As an English teacher in Beijing Fengtai District of Nancy told reporters.
Now, many teaching aids on the book for the cover just to write new questions, new outline typeface, homogenization of serious content editing into a simple "scissors and paste." Mixture to make supplementary books have only one objective--cutting out of parents ' pocket money.
Copy and paste it into a book, journalists visiting the Xidan, Wangfujing Bookstore, find teaching a wide variety of books, only on the cover of "Huanggang" Word no fewer than ten, while some hung with famous teachers and supplementary books have often been included in with the word "bestseller". One of the students told reporters that he seldom themselves on books, looks more or less similar, generally is recommended by the teacher or students. "In two or three books now, there are several sets of exactly the same examination is normal. Every time when I become a problem, you'll find topics I've done, a waste of time. "One of the parents is blunt:" it's turned my view of books. "
Capital normal university admissions student Xiao CAI told reporters that she and her classmates are located in Hui Si bridge near a company teaching-tutorial-book compilation. "In fact, this book is very good ' saved '. Books give us books, we go to the Internet for content. "" Save books? "The reporter was curious about the word. "To tell the truth, book is hardly a ' series '. In Internet search, copy, paste, put together piece together, it becomes a book. I also think it's sorry readers. Want to find out, time did not permit. "She said.
Rushed out a book only to profit from people's Publishing House of Luke edited told reporters, supplementary books occupy a large proportion in the book market. Such "money" pages, many people want to share. Cooperation many supplementary books are out. Is cooperation in name, but very few publishing houses fenced and only slightly turned over immediately after the complete book. There is no lack of books in order to squeeze costs, hire students pasted around, rush book, quality assurance. "Most of these books will be sold at very low prices, sell their sales channels is to teachers, sold by the teacher. Despite the discount is very low, but they are lucrative. "
One person for many years engaged in publishing reveals that due to the large amount of supplementary books issued, low cost and high profit, many small and medium publishing houses in the name of a book in collaboration with partners. Typically, these supplementary books booksellers have a fairly mature second channels to sell books, manuscripts and release independent publishing house, just numbers obtained from the Publisher. In addition, the book second channel discounts of about 40 percent of the wholesale market, cost control under the discounts only to make money.
Also, some smaller publishing companies or studios to profit, organized personnel to use "scissors and paste" approach, a patchwork. "There is compelling. When I worked in the press before, a mentor from the manuscript, to edit, to publish, at least two years. If ' scissors and paste ' to a book in a month. Some publishers unwilling to quit without author resources supplementary market with huge potential, cooperation and booksellers. "A booksellers who want to remain anonymous said," in fact, in the book on the market, there are a number of suspected infringing, part of these books are pirated, some is pirated. These books cost less, cengcengjiama the process of issuing rebates, will have done quite well. In addition, the training school is also a paradise for piracy or pirate books, this will not only reduce the cost of purchased materials, you can also derive significant revenues. "
Change the test system is a key quality of supplementary books related to the future, GAPP released the elementary and secondary education as early as 2001 management of auxiliary materials requiring publication control of total amount of supplementary material, Publisher shall annually submit to the Department the topic planning, approval and publication. In fact, however, reporters found disguised as a jointly published trade books still are common.
People concerned think that the publishing world, in the actual operation, supervision should be strengthened, and implementing the management of supplementary books, and take practical measures to put an end to some schools sell even assessed supplementary books to students.
Education experts say, buy teaching aids itself was a product of the exam-oriented education, solve the supplementary issue, starting from the education and examination systems change.
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