Child age: electronic virtual worlds to find friendship partner solutions alone

This newspaper yesterday launched the "children's social" observation series first, say many children winter "home", lack of age-appropriate play with at home, cause resonates with many parents. Parents, not peers to accompany children in high-rise buildings, even habits from the virtual world of the Internet, looking for friendship, and some also cultivate "e-partner". Children's "virtual networking" forced many parents to worry about.
Party, children fit the iPad this spring, leaving Shanghai's new Shanghai Sherming Yiu xiejiadaikou, and some of his college reunion. People remember the past, chat, talk about puffing, only to find children frolicking around the sound. "4 kids, each armed with iPad or smart phones, social networking, playing games on each other without saying a Word. "Adults urge children to play, but children have put down their cell phones and tablet computers.
"Small an CAI elementary school second grade, one day I said, ' I'm getting married ', really got me a big jump. "Live sports East Road, wuhua was upset, it turns out, child recently hooked on social networking Web communication. In this game, kids apply to become urban residents, buy a House, buy a car, shopping, to work to make money, get married, or even having a baby. For the parents ' opposition, Anne is not understood, "students in the class are not a community, some still back home, I am not familiar neighbors, find playmates and friendship on the Internet, why are you not happy? "
Some kids doing boring, domestication "electronic toys". It is an electronic product, virtual human's life, from babies, toddlers, youth to adult will eat, sleep, play games, sometimes sick, to take "his" doctor, medicine injections, etc, "grow up", you will make friends, get married, have children, until death.
Entertainment virtualization, allowing parents worries "now children and we are not the same. "Sherming Yiu, parent says," $literal "," $literal "childhood is very rich, with games such as hide and seek, when doctors, even chased can play for a long time," but after '90 ', after the '00 ' children, side even with a playmate, does not know what to play, but with electronic equipment such as mobile phones, just like a duck. "
"Children lose the ability to play? "Parent email inquiries, today's children often bubbles online virtual world, a trait that would confuse the virtual and real? Community random reporter in zhabei district investigated more than 20 odd parents, more than 90% families have a virtual social networking site account or instant messaging accounts such as QQ, a letter, 80% per cent of parents know their child best friends who never invited children friends to the House or family fun activities your organization more than half.
Some elementary and middle schools teacher said, now children are spare time except wrote job, more was various tutorial and interest class by occupy, again plus they are is with network growth of generation, grew up habits using phone, and network, communications equipment, can and peers face-to-face exchange of time on more less has, "this directly led to some children of social capacity poor, social capacity poor of children more unwilling to and people contacts, such formed has cycle. "
"Play", "with"
Experts believe that social skills are and their peers face to face language and communication development, lack of playmates can affect a child's social skills.
"Don't play, natural play will not play for the holidays. "Yang primary school principal Hong Yulou says," play "is the child of nature, should be" playing "long, put the kids to" play "will develop their own partners. Working in a foreign bank "returnees" Sun Le said, foreign children are excellent in organizational and social skills, and their inseparable from rich family and community activities. "The United States family often organize activities such as games, picnic, bike races, all family members and the family warm. "
Language teacher recommended Yu Yi, find playmates for their children, parents should first correct a misconception. "Some parents and kids deal: admitted to good schools, to let you play. As everyone knows, is the rights of the child, adults should not use hard to suppress. "Yu Yi feels that it should" play "is a learning, can play in the process of cultivating children's many skills, like invented playing all kinds of games, establish rules, this is a creation; increased exchanges between children, and cultivate interpersonal communication, teamwork, ability to organize and coordinate.
Many experts urge family and community should think more kids playing, eager to Exchange emotional needs, as they create a platform to interact with their peers, eliminate the loneliness of children growing up.
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