Find conducive to healthy development for children of teen idol

On August 11, Dong Cang Xiang in Taiyuan, Shanxi province, alley laining statues were removed because of the urban environment, residents in an online posting look "laining", which was placed there by a simple statue issue heating up quickly, lead to "spirit of Lai Ning," extensive discussion. On August 17, the relevant units of the municipal government, Taiyuan after researching, young heroes laining statue can be put back on the original site. The evening of August 18, laining statue has been moved back to the site has attracted public interest. Laining is lots of $literal, after the example of China. On March 13, 1988, 14, Lai Ning killed due to fight sudden fires.
Recently, micro-blogging, "statue laining rejected" news talking about one of the largest. Statue of a young hero in the 1980 of the 20th century placement, inquiry why millions of users? The main reason is the "little Heroes" Lai Ning in the $literal and the generation of youth has a very high rate, and these people have read the article on the moving of the eternal flame. Public opinion from topics such as family background, the authenticity of the story of Lai Ning, asked all the way to the "contemporary social needs laining spirit." But worth pondering is, in this day, and which "little Heroes" like the Lai Ning, selected language textbooks, whose deeds have been children, and talked about through word of mouth? Lai Ning takes place 20 years later, from an early age held no "laining deeds" textbook "00" after heart laining seat from which "hero" to "sit"? Long-term experts engaged in youth education work, teachers told reporters that laining statue behind the rejection, is now reflected the "young heroes" find difficult, difficult to establish, publicize the difficult situation, in urgent need of the community to work together to solve this problem.
"Young hero" nibbles "war of resources" capital Shanghai XING teacher guidance officers in primary schools for many years, never in the PEP (the "National Edition") seen in the Chinese textbook laining figure. Soldier Zhang GA and two small stories of a place in the book.
"Children like soldier Zhang GA, as seen on TV, it's interesting. "His teacher said, soldier Zhang GA is popular, the most fundamental reason is not a text written in vivid, but TV success," Ga Zi in the TV series, movies are cute, disadvantages, advantages, can discuss which of his moral worth learning in class. "
XING teachers believe that advocates "to protect themselves first, helping others in the back" moment, removes itself from the textbooks laining stories understandable, "but Lai Ning, can have a more contemporary, more real the other hero appear? "
Like the problems faced by Chinese film, television, resources of the war became a "young hero" story an inexhaustible supply of rich ore at the same time, have gradually become the future "young heroes" birth of the bottleneck.
29 XING teachers try to include yourself in the heart of "young heroes", in her mind, in addition to the anti-Japanese war and the war of liberation, "hero", but after the founding of new China "little hero" only the heroic Sisters of grassland and Lai Ning, "after" seem to have never heard of young hero. "
Heroic Sisters of grassland is frozen to protect collective flock, Lai Ning is sacrificed because of the fire alone, such stories, and bring it to you kids to speak somewhat "outdated".
A moral lesson teacher told reporters, in fact, in the teaching of moral textbook in 2008 by the Central civilization Office, Ministry of education, the Youth League and other ministries jointly granted the title of "quake relief heroes young" Lin Hao deeds list.
"In 2008, 2009, ' red ' for two years, then the children and have no interest in the. "At one point, the teacher asks the children" in the earthquake relief work on which kid impressed "when a grade primary school students answered" Coke boy ", on the grounds that" he was very funny. "
The teacher believes that media in a certain period of time focusing on one young heroes deeds will be more and more rare, "seismic little hero review 20, are less likely to cause more focused. But sometimes focus on one person, publicity will is too strong, but good. "
"Heroes" have been questioned, the problem is in "propaganda"
Publicity about the young hero, back in 1985, the first review interview laining story writer Sun yunxiao in the published paper in the journal of youth studies, Cass "children set an example of science".
He proposed in his paper, "owing to lack of model education of science, affecting the effect of publicity and education, and some have even brought some serious adverse consequences. "
According to a report of the China Youth daily materials, from 1949 to 1985 children's advanced by the Central and provincial levels in recognition of the 36 people, one rescue, fire fighting, rescue, fire and livestock and bad guys fighting, 33, 91.7%, 5 minority children's role models, deeds was struggled with the wind and snow to protect livestock.
The above data, Sun yunxiao raised a series of questions, we set the example, story was very moving, but in terms of story content, whether narrow? And the colorful and multifaceted life of children needs to adapt? We highlight the dedication of biased propaganda "brave" and ignore the propaganda "wit"? Did we highlight the example of children's performance, and not enough attention to physiological and psychological characteristics of children?
30 year old office worker Xu these days is "micro-blog" various laining deed set off discussions on the "nudge", began to suspect that he had convinced a nearly 20-year saga. "Some say laining father is a cadre, it is said that Lai Ning is not fighting fires, it's all messed up. "Supporting Xu believed the" rumor "is her mind remaining, impressions of text," textbooks say laining sacrifice also holds on to put out the fire position, now that I think is a bit ' false '. "
More serious consequences, in modern primary school students, and that some children to "young hero" detachment, "celebrity mix" If the fire.
Children's cognition of the idols to stay in "the handsome"
Junior high school student Laura (not her real name) every day in school was wearing earplugs, walking and singing, her favorite "TVXQ" and "first combine" two men together. Every day on Twitter, the first thing is to care about idols activities during the day, fans, fan QQ Group has her friend.
In her lexicon, are not at all "young heroes" and "young heroes" these words, as a "micro-blog's got talent", she is not very clear "statue laining" event. If you ask her, as her "Idol" standard is, she'll answer without hesitation, "handsome".
Shanghai Municipal Youth Department in April 2009, according to a copy of the Shanghai children's development in the new circumstances, new problems and countermeasure research of information, under the influence of the mass media for children because of their age because there is tendency to idolatry.
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