Looking forward to "jobs in China" at an early date the birth

Steve jobs to go. Compared with his wealth, his innovative spirit more emotion--can change the world.
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's. Don't be trapped by dogma, don't live in someone else's mind. Don't let others ' opinions drown out your own inner voice. "," To live is to change the world. "From these classic Steve jobs, you can read him that innate creative forces. Most importantly, under jobs ' leadership of Apple cultivation, has developed a unique culture of innovation. This culture not because jobs go in and out.
Environment inspired jobs ' innovative, the same jobs with their success requires innovation environment to be more inclusive. So, President Obama gave his evaluation is, "United States one of the great creative leader, he has the extraordinary courage to create something unique and indomitable spirit to change the world, at the same time, his exceptional talent he became this person can change the world. "This is the evaluation of the creative genius is appropriate.
Academia Qian xuesen, China from the heart asks: "why does not produce outstanding talent in China? "Today, when Steve Jobs walked into history, many Chinese netizens are buzzing:" where are the jobs? "At this point, could not help but think he once exclaimed:" jobs to China does not necessarily win. "This may be biased, but worthy of contemplation.
China is moving from "manufacturing power" to "creating power", need more jobs-people born in the era. China does not lack an alternative creative talents of Steve jobs, is the lack of good, appreciated the creative talents of the system and the environment, especially the lack of innovators, tolerance, understanding, appreciated and the grounds of institutional protection. So, with "jobs", we must create an environment, institutional incentives for improvement, reform, promote, so jobs ' innovation personality has been appreciated by society, public understanding of innovation, so that "jobs in China" at an early date the birth.
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