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Tutor management consulting is the new code Xian one-to-one tutoring, and part-time tutor, Xian tutor network, provide you with tutor, Xian elementary school tutor, Xian XI ' an high school junior high school tutor, tutoring, and scientists to teach, Xian English tutor, math tutor in XI ' an, XI ' an language tutor, low price, high teaching quality, contact us immediately!
Tutor management consulting company was founded in December 2008 the new code, key school in Xian gatekeeper teachers cooperative education and hanhai Tombo backbone teachers as a tutor, teacher qualifications, knowledge, experience, skills are excellent, with strong faculty goes without saying.
Since its inception, has been a professional commitment to students outside of the main subject of the work. After years of efforts, formed his own tutor features of effective teaching, whether it is in basic teaching skills training, adhere to the "efficiency and effectiveness, see" principles of Foundation laying, laying, laying down new code tutor teaching the fundamental starting point and the foothold!
Xi'An New Classic Family Education Management Consulting Co.,Ltd

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